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Gun butts

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Butt engraved using a laser.
Butt engraved using a laser.

And the ideas for re-purposing the gun butts start rolling in. Some have gone to the Bitterne Shed, Eastleigh Shed want some as does a shed in Ireland.

John C started the ball rolling by trying to laser engrave on of the butts. It needs a little bit of tweaking but certainly looks good.

Oliver grabbed one to see how it transforms into a plinky-plonk and then along came the Christmas break. Let's be honest some members needed something to do over the Christmas break and Alan's idea of using two of them was absolutely brilliant. it would grace any room but I don't think that his wife will let him part with it - can't really blame her.

Brian M obviously felt that it's future should be on the side of the law and turned one into this cracking enforcer.

And Vince echoed back to the 60's and 70's by turning gun power into flower power. Who else could have come up with this especially after last year's Colin Mansbridge victory.

For the beginning of this story have a look at this article. I'll add to this page as new additions come along. Author: Chris Nixon

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