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Upcoming events

Tony is currently working on the list of events - it looks as if it could be quite interesting.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could drop an e-mail to the contact for the particular event to let them know if you will be going or enter your name on the form in the Shed as it can be pretty difficult trying to arrange anything if numbers are unknown.

Monthly Members Meeting

Come and find out what went on at the last committee meeting, raise any points that you may have, find out what projects are going on or are due to be started, which ones you would like to be involved in and suggest any others that you may know about.

Woodies Wednesdays

Wood turning lessons Wood turning lessons Wood turning lessons

Woodturners live afternoon meetings have begun following successful Zoom meetings during Lockdown. The turning group is currently 7 or 8 members strong and meet every Wednesday afternoon.

The initial session went through training notes on the safety aspects of using our lathes followed by a 'hands-on' demo of spindle turning.

A couple of new members, new to woodturning, had a first lesson and seemed keen to take this up.

Alan P demonstrated use of a Roughing Gouge and Spindle Gouge. Barry G was also on hand to offer hints and tips.

The second session started with tea, biscuits, a YouTube demo on Spindle Turning and was followed by some hands-on practice using both lathes with Alan and Cliff tutoring. One piece started off as a log with the roughing gouge producing a great quantity of bark chippings and the other was a square section piece of timber. Both ended up smooth and round as was the intention!!

Alan demonstrated the use of the skew chisel, feared by many but a very usable tool once mastered!

In addition to Wednesdays, further one-to-one sessions have been offered where interested.

We should have a stock of 'round items' made ready for summer and Christmas fayres!

A successful start to the new year and a new 'start-up' group that hopes to grow and develop its skill base.

Cliff Jones

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