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Trolley-full of gun stocks.

Trolley-full of gun stocks.

At the end of November I received this slightly unusual e-mail:

I am contacting you as I see on the website your men’s shed at Fareham has a woodwork workshop.

I am an employee of Hampshire Constabulary, in the Evidence Management Department where we see to the safekeeping and eventual disposal of all evidential property items.

In the process of destroying firearms, we are left with the wooden stocks and wondered if this as something you could make use of? They are mostly hard wood and often lacquered or varnished , the size and shape is rather limiting but we would like to find them to a community based organisation who can make use of them to donate them to.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Kind regards,

Well what do you do with an offer like that? I mentioned it in the Shed and various members insisted that it was an exceptionally good idea and that they would be extremely useful.

I wouldn't have a clue as to their use but at a certain member's insistence I contacted the very nice person who had made the offer and asked how many there were, unfortunately they weren't at work that day (it was one of their 'work-free' days, actually they are part-time, it isn't half hard writing something that is totally gender neutral, you try it).but was told that there were about 4 dustbin bags full. Fine I thought, checked with Mike and arranged to collect them. Wednesday afternoon I arrived at their facility in Portsmouth and picked them up, the picture is about ⅓rd of what I collected.

Now it's up to you to work out what they can be used, I was thinking of recreating the missing bits with 3D printer but I don't really think that it would be practical, although Oliver has already laid claim to one for another plinky-plonk.

We had a visit from a member of the Bitterne Shed that cleared a few of them out and we have had enquiries from one in Ireland but we will have to work the logistics and legalities of that one first.

Watch this page for how we manage to transform the butts.

Author: Chris Nixon

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