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Day at the Races


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Watching the horses.

Six members took their spouses to Fontwell Park race course for a summer afternoon and evening meet with 7 races. While we were pleased to be bathed in sunshine the position of the stands meant we were gazing directly into the sun. However, the large screen on the other side of the track gave us a constant view of just how far back your donkey was from the leaders!

There was a minimum bet of £5 per race. If there were enough runners you could have a £2.50 each way bet if not, it was a straight £5 to win.

With just one of us backing the winner in the first race we got off to a shaky start with more than a few groans! The second race found three of us in the winners enclosure so with smiles all round we move to race three with a bit more confidence and winnings to invest or was it lose? Beautiful People romped home and we were down to just one of us picking the winner again. Most of us backing Prophets Prayer but we obviously did not pray enough! With five of us now looking to one of our members for tips as he had the first 3 winners, the only thing he gave away was his cash like the rest of us!!

We are pleased to say like many stories this one has a happy ending as well!

Race five with just 3 runners and the favourite showing at 11-4 on, (for those who are not into racing that means you get £4 back for £11 you bet, not good odds). Four of us decided to back the outsider FR Humphrey at 12-1. With an exciting finish as they raced up the hill good old Humphrey repaid all those that had showed their faith in him with a return of £65!

Race six, 4 runners, so again back to win only. With Ennistown being backed down to 4-1 on, we thought if one outsider can do it let's back Carolines Charm at 20-1. She was charming, leading for the entire race, the filly gave us another exciting finish giving us a return £105 back for our £5. We joined the long queue to collect our winnings from one of the five bookies, we exchanged tears with him only ours were for a different reason to his!!!! LOVELY

So race 7, the last one of the evening. We are now on a high and all showing a handsome profit. Being the last race most of us backed two horses. Better odds this time, more open prices but no big prices. Remembering what we are, most of us backed Working Class as an outsider at 7 -1 shouting and willing him on and made it by half a length! Another £40 to collect from those poor bookies!

So by now there must be some of you that wished you had come along for the fun, We will pay another visit one day if only to give all that money back to those poor bookies.

Finally thanks to Rod who suggested the idea, a big thank to Tony for organising it and an even bigger one to FR Humphrey, Carolines Charm and Working Class!

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