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Stubbington Fayre


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The stall.

What a scorcher of a day, to be honest I can only remember one Stubbington Fayre that had really bad weather but this year's was really exceptional. The sun certainly seemed to attract the crowds, in fact it was so busy during the time that I was there that I couldn't get a good shot of the pitch but the ones that I did manage are here.

The guys turned up at the Shed quite early in the morning along with Eric and his trusty trailer, they loaded up and then realised that one of the tyres was flat, out came the pump and they were up and ready, the best bit is though, somebody on the pitch sold the pump, let's hope that Eric doesn't get another flat. This year we had two pitches at the Fayre - that was a bit of luck because we had more than enough items for sale along with the Wine or whine stall, the Shed made items and the bric-a-brac stall to fill them both. Heidi, Asda's Community Champion arrived to lend a hand, I couldn't resist a shot of the back of her shirt (sorry about the rear view Heidi) and if there is anything that Asda can do to help you or your organisation here is a list of the sort of things that they are into (see picture 6).

We had many gratifying and approving comments from, among others, Fareham's Mayoress, Copnor Shed and even Gosport Shed.

Takings were up over 40% on last year's, we ran out of wine AND water, we ran out of sweets for Splat the Rat and John's laser cut models went down a treat.

So well done everybody for such a powerful turn-out. It was obviously a realy worthwhile day and here's to next year's Fayre.

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