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Marks and Spencer in Fareham Precinct.

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M&S Racking.

Many thanks to Mick Foster, Rod Parker, Geoff Culverson, Keith Curtis, Colin Mansbridge, Brian Pike, Graham Bell and Chris Nixon for all of the effort put into denuding Marks and Spencer of the surplus bits and pieces after the closure. Also thanks to Alan and Kevin for driving the van. It took 3 journeys but hopefully the Theatre will now have enough racking to keep them busy for a few months and we should have landed up with the necessary storage and filing cupboards and drawers that we were after - pictures to follow when we have managed to sort the theatre stores area a bit more.

Above all many, many thanks to Helen, Lorraine and all of the other members of staff at Marks and Spencer for their kindness and help (especially with the lift) and of course to Marks and Spencer for allowing us to be released on their unsuspecting store.

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