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When two disparate skills collide

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The first Shed.
The first Shed.

Not something that I would normally post but the florist who has supplied all of the bouquets that we have needed to date - Moonstones Florist in Fareham Park Road - has recently been creating tributes for men that have hung their tools up for the last time. It just show how important a shed can be.

Anyway it all started when Sarah asked if the Shed could somehow create the little bits that she couldn't make with the normal florists supplies for the first (orange) shed- the gutters, doors, windows and roof apex for the first shed. Our 3D printer once again resolved a problem that we could never have perceived when we first bought it. Then somebody wanted the boot - door, window, shutters, etc.

And the last one wanted not only the door and window but could we create the planters and a few carrots, luckily there was a small amount of orange that was just the right colour. If you look carefully at the last image you can even see the slug trails, you just can't keep them away from a tasty vegetable.

Environmentally all of the plastic used is made typically from corn, cassava, sugarcane or sugar beet pulp starch (polylactic acid) so is bio-degradable. Author: Chris Nixon

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