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Le Jog

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The beast in all its glory.
The beast in all its glory.

A price was put on doing Steve Hunt a favour. In return for the loan of a projector he had to give the Shed a presentation of the journey that he and a friend John Witshire undertook from Land's End to John o'Groats in September 2021 during lockdown in a 2001 Morgan +8 - apparently the trip is nicknamed Le Jog (doing it the other way round is called the Joggle),

The talk took place in the Oberon Theatre on 09-05-2022 with about 20 members attending. John had hoped to be there but just as Covid affected their journey, so it hit their talk with him suffering from the virus (hope that you feel better VERY soon John) but Steve managed very well on his own by replacing John's interlude with a video of the Morgan factory. They couldn't both do the grand tour of the factory as the they get booked up so far in advance that only one place was left on the designated day (but Steve had seen it all before, so that was alright).

The journey took 7 days up and two days back but the talk and slide show lasted for about 40 minutes so with the question session it all took about an hour - an extremely interesting hour I must say.

Many thanks for your time Steve and I must admit you more than paid your debt - perhaps you should take public speaking up as a career but the real star of the show was the car.

Author: Chris Nixon

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