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Oliver has moved on from plinky-plonks.

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What on earth is he making here?
What on earth is he making here?

We have all seen Oliver making those tessallated circular things but this is his latest method of clamping the parts together. It almost looks like a Starwars X-Wing. You must admit they do look nice and would grace anybodies table. I wonder if he could turn out a couple of dozen for Wallington Fair?

And then there is Oliver's up-cycled hi-fi speaker to go with his class A hi-fi amplifier - if you need any explanations of the technical side of things just ask him.

The speaker is based on an Halfords car speaker mounted in an old, beautifully renovated bread bin lined with wall plaster to create an anachoic chamber. The stand was hand crafted in Oliver's inimitable way, the lower shelf being made from an old 12 inch vinyl record and the upper one from a 10 inch version

Let's be honest, only Oliver could come up with ideas like these - well done, he is an inspiration to us all. Author: Chris Nixon

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