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Stubbington Fayre

And yet again an extremely successful event. In some ways the weather was a little more sublime than the last one - phew, that really was a sizzler - it could have been a little warmer though.

As ever with this show we made good profit especially with the wooden artisan items. Oliver's plinky-plonks went down an absolute treat, apparently a couple of them were bought by professional musicians. If they are reading this it would be nice if they could contact me as he has created some others that weren't taken yesterday that would blow their socks off.

Wine or whine was so popular that we had to close the stall early because we ran out of wine, Splat the Rat was thoroughly enjoyed by so many children, and even some who must have thought that they were in for their second childhood.

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Very nearly splatted.
Very nearly splatted.

Covid must have brought out the DIY'er in many people as the pre-owned tools made a very good contribution.

The stall was very well attended by many of our members and it was really good to see some that have been missing for what seems such a long time now. We can but hope that this is the start of a new chapter for the Shed when we can all get together again.

Author: Chris Nixon

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