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1Community Showcase

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Preparing the stand.
Preparing the stand.

What a great day, weather was perfect, attendance was terrific and although we weren't really intending to show a profit it turned into a nice little earner.

We really wanted to do something slightly different so as well as exhibiting the normal handicrafts Oliver came with his amplified plinky-plonk and the barrel version. Richard came with his hand driven, paper controlled organ and monkey. Between them these blew many peoples minds. Thommo was there with his horse's head and demonstrating his prowess with his 'diamond painting' (picture of the finished article to follow, hopefully) and just to make our day he got lost on his way to his son-in-law-to-be's stag do, panic all round but he just got the times muddled.

We had a lot of requests about Shed membership but until the 26th we really won't know where we stand about membership numbers.

A goodly number of Shed members attended and all in all it was a day well spent.

Many thanks to Hayley and other representatives of 1Community for organising such a great day.

Author: Chris Nixon

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