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MOT Testing

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Preparing the stand.

The van, crew and two members

Two very pleasant young men arrived on the day with a, relatively, small van. I must admit that I was expecting something a little bigger, but they managed to fit two interrogators in it. One of them had come from Rochester and the other from Ashford in Kent (the men that is) - they started their travels at 06:30 but were in situ and ready on time. Apparently they have been tasked with visiting ALL sheds in Hampshire and Kent so have a mammoth workload ahead of them.

The appointments each took about 15 minutes, the booking system worked on a 20 minute interval to allow them to sterilise everything and then they invited you in, two at a time, one in the side and one in the back. Inside was the machine, they actually had to measure my height and weight (you might have thought that that could have been achieved automatically nowadays). Then I was invited to stand on the interrogator. Entered the figures previously obtained into the machine which then proceeded to ask 10 multiple choice questions about my life style.

After the short interrogation a slip of paper was spat out of the machine and it had decided that I was absolutely on track for a long life - well that's what IT reckons. A complete breakdown of one's health

One of the interrogators

One of the interrogators

  • Height
  • Weight
  • BMI (Body mass index)
  • BFC (Body fat content)
  • Systolic and diastolic BP (/Blood pressure)
  • Heart rate
  • Total body water

It then told me how much extra liquid (they say water, but what the hell) I needed to drink to bring you up to the recommended level and printed a little picture of the 10 different aspects of my life that it had asked about. Not mine I hasten to add but one that has been cobbled together, if it matches yours then good luck.

One of the interrogators

Computer printout

Author: Chris Nixon

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