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Game of phones

3 Nokias.
3 Nokias.

Now that we're all confined to our houses again, it's time to tackle those jobs that we didn't quite get round to in previous lockdowns. So how about going through that drawer full of retired electronic gadgets that you can't bear to throw away because you can still remember how much you paid for them.

Last year, in a box of junk that somebody gave me, I found these 3 old Nokias. They had no batteries or sim cards, and I couldn't say whether they worked, but in mobile phone terms, they are old enough to be collectable antiques.

Apparently some people still like to use them because they are simple and robust. I have also heard that they are good for home-made alarm systems. Connect the phone to a sensor and when it detects an intruder it will ring you up.

They attracted a lot of interested bidders, and went for £42.00. So, how many of you still have a classic mobile from the days when men used to boast "mine's smaller than yours". It might be worth more than you think.

Author: Richard Bunce

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