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A bit more than garage clearance

A small company in Waterlooville called Wessex Technology recently contacted us with an offer that we just couldn't refuse. They were changing the type of projects that they were working on from an electronics/software to just software and would we be interested in some of their now unneeded equipment. After a quick visit from the two Chris's we were only too happy to help.

We had to involve Alan and the Theatre van as there were 6 - 6ft steel cabinets, Kevin at TFT wanted one to ozoneify their costumes, we need to move some stuff about to fit them in under the stairs and then they will be great for some of those small bits that nobody can ever find. In the mean time we have arranged to store them at Knowle Haven. Along with the cabinets came engineering nuts, screws, washers and bolts by the boxful, you know the ones that start at about M2, soldering irons, a UV curing lamp(we shall have to make sure that nobody tries to turn it into a sun lamp) and a couple of really high quality analogue feducial indicators or dial test indicators, probably worth a couple of hundred each. Some new office chairs so the Theatre can have their red ones back and all sorts of little trinkets that we haven't looked at yet.

Aluminium work benchThere was also a fantastic test bench that was used to prove one of the projects that they had - a postcode reader for the Post Office - looked just like a futuristic train set. I guess that we will eventually break it down and sell the bits off separately as it is a bit of a specialist device, alternatively we could turn it into a portable bench. If we do that there are still highly prized items that will be stripped off and sold, items like a large electric motor with speed control electronics. Another strange object is a light bench, no idea what it does but the bits must be worth a fortune if we can find a buyer.

I have started to add some pictures of the equipment we were given, so if you are interested keep an eye open here and I shall add them when I can. Richard has already started to advertise items on our eBay site, reels of wire that have already brought us in excess of £70, an Intel i7 processor, another £50 and we have another i7 and an i5 to go.

Golf ball puzzleMany thanks to Alan Bell who has promised to visit us and show me how to turn some industrial PCs with a slightly unusual operating system. They might be a little bit old but the beauty is that there are no moving parts so they are absolutely silent. If anybody knows of a company that might be interested then please contact one of the Trustees.

In gratitude for this treasure chest we got John to personalise the old golf ball puzzle, added a nice bottle of chateau Hodgson and delivered them to him with a Christmas card the other evening. A small price to pay for such a wealth of goodies.

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