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Fiddle boards
Fiddle boards

It's hard to find many good things to say about 2020, but looking back at sales during the year there are some bright spots. We raised well over £1000 during the year, lower than usual because there haven't been many garage clearances, but still well worthwhile. Do you remember those halcyon days of yesteryear when you were faced with that mound of lumpy mashed potatoe for school dinner, picking away at it with those overcooked peas and the teacher saying: "STOP FIDDLING and eat it up", then in the back row of the cinema with that special girl and the heavily whispered "STOP FIDDLING", and now today, you're quite happy working away in your shed and what happens, in a dulcet scream you hear - "STOP FIDDLING, dinner's ready."

Well just to confound all of those times, the Shed were asked to manufacture some FIDDLE BOARDS for an autism organisation in Portsmouth so now we can confound our history and START FIDDLING. Well done guys.

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