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Remember those face coverings?

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I know that it seems an awfully long time ago now but do you remember that a young lady (isn't it nice that at the age that most of us have reached we can call so many ladies young and get away with it or is that being ageist?) very kindly made us a bag full of face coverings, there are a few still left in the spotty bag near the sink. Well I spoke with Sarah at Moonstones the other day and she very kindly made a bouquet to present to her in thanks, so I made a quick card and dropped them round to her this morning.

I received this e-mail in return:

WOW! Beautiful bouquet, thank you all. Such a lovely gesture. Hope all is going well with the Shed in these strange times.
Very appreciative of the lovely flowers.
Regards, Vivian

Thank you Sarah from Moonstones Florist, we really are grateful for your support.

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