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Remember the little girl at Stubbington Fayre?

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Remember the little girl at Stubbington Fayre?

I have been in touch with the mother of the little girl that bought a plinky-plonk at Stubbington Fayre. Chris H told us about this lass and how she wasn't interested in one of Oliver's football rattles but really took a shine to a plinky-plonk. Well her mother has now written me a few short words, It really puts the usefulness of these little things in perspective:

I got my daughter a ping tin (her name for it) at our local summer fate. My daughter is 7 yrs old and has PVL with secondary cerebral palsy affecting her right side. She's has limited use of her right hand and poor concentration with toys, only playing with something for a very short time before wanting something else.

When we got the ping tin she played with it all afternoon and into the evening, she asked for it the following day and again played for long periods.

She recently went into hospital for major hip surgery and the first thing I packed was her ping tin knowing it would keep her occupied for some of the long days ahead.

It's a fantastic invention and we wouldn't be without it now

Let us hope that her hip operation has succeeded and she is now plonking away with the best of them.

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