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Could the plinky-plonk orchestra become a reality

Wooden kalimba

Wooden kalimba

Oliver's plinky-plonks have always been an item of interest and comment wherever we have exhibited them but now they have gone beyond that. Oliver gave one to 1Community for sale, the manager from the Adults' Health and Care Centre spotted it and thought that it might be of use to some of her clients who suffer from autism so with Oliver's approval she gave it to her - the guess proved correct and Oliver has been busy creating new ones ever since. Perhaps one day we may be entertained by a plinky-plonk orchestra. She also has one of his hand crafted football rattles (takes all sorts).

"Just to let you know that the instruments have been very popular with people, especially when they are showing off about their football team winning a match. They have been kept in my office in between music sessions for safe keeping and lots of different service users like to visit me each day and they sit and play me a tune on the other instrument (I don’t know what it is called) it has such a lovely, well-tuned sound.
Can you please pass on our many thanks"

Day Opportunities Manager, Adults’ Health and Care, Fareham Community Link

ps. The 'other' instrument is an African one which pre-dates western instruments such as the harpsichord, cornamuse and virginal by a few thousand years yet they are still in everyday use in the continent. Originally made from wood and bamboo, with the advent of metal they turned primarily to wood sound boxes with metal tines.

Oliver has started to manufacture westernised versions of these instruments which changed their title to Kalimba in the 1950s, using such ‘junk’ materials as old cycle spokes, concrete reinforcing rods, tobacco tins and hacksaw blades but basically they are the same instrument.

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