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Southern Men's Shed Network Meeting

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All together in the Theatre

All together in the Theatre

Well it was an EXCELLENT event, 29 visitors from, I think, 12 different sheds. At the start there was concern that we would not have enough food, then when it was all laid out it was thought that there was far too much. In the end it ALL went. Thanks guys (and partners maybe) for the excellent offerings.

I think that our visitors were reasonably well impressed. Certainly a fair few of them remarked about the opulence of the venue. Visits were made to the Shed itself and luckily nobody tripped over anything on their way.

Graham opened the event with a welcome to which Peter R responded by telling everybody how to escape and where to go if the old bladder started to worry anybody. Rod P then gave an excellent early history of the Shed followed by Chris N bringing everybody up to date. Graham from the SMS Network gave a chat on how important Health and Safety was to every member and it was good to hear that from the 500+ sheds nationwide, as far as he knew there had NEVER been a personal injury claim. Then off to sample the amazing range of comestibles.

Once that was over Rod's guide to stripping (wire) was followed by Chris N's story of the plinky-plonks, Tony C's suggestion that we co-operate with other sheds on visits, Chris H's guide to where and how to obtain cash and Richard B's description of his work on E-bay finishing with questions and an invite to all to visit the Isle of Wight's Shed fest this year.

Once again thanks to all Shed members who got involved. It was well worth the effort and we can hold our heads high after a such a great turnout. Let's just hope that all of our visitors who parked at the Hotel remembered to book in. Also we must mention Scott from the Theatre staff who stayed and looked after the sound for us - Thanks Scott.

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