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Christmassy Bits and Bobs


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Asda's fireplace - let's hope that Santa finds it OK!!.

Our fireplace has re-appeared in the Asda store in Speedfields Park, Newgate Lane. You've got to admit those elves looked after it well over the last months, to my mind it seems to have weathered well and if anything, looks better now than in 2018, perhaps it's just the setting but it still looks the piece.

Thomo made a Christmas stable for 1Community, it looks really smart in the window with all of the little knitted figures and even though I do say it myself, the 3D printed star just finishes it off.

Mick made a sand tray for 1Community for a luccky dip type game called 'Pick the Snowman's Nose', maybe the design brief was a bit off. It was made to their specification but needed 5 bags of play sand to fill it which just made the basic idea impractical. Hats off to Hayley though, a quick twist and it was compartmentalised with the prize in one half and the Snowmen's noses in a smaller tray in the other half. Apparently it has proved a good little earner for them. Only downside was when it was delivered and whilst transferring the tray and five very heavy bags of sand to the shop - the driver had a parking ticket slapped on his car.

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