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Macmillan Cancer Care


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Page 1 of the Macmillan Support document.

Well the evening proved to be a great success. Estimates of the number of people attending were between 50 and 60, perhaps we should have found somebody to specifically count them but it was so good to see the support.

Unfortunately Kevin, the one who was supposed to give the talk about the Theatre, had jetted off to China but Michael gave a sterling performance considering that it was totally off the cuff. Peter from Macmillan gave a fascinating account of his brush with cancer, how it has changed his life and how he is now keeping ridiculously fit - sorry that left-handed bowling is out for the future but keep climbing those big hills Peter, it was an inspiration.

Although Peter's story was inspirational it didn't quite cover what I had hoped it would - the original idea was to try to introduce the services that the Macmillan Organisation offers and how to access them. Sandie, the lady who judged our Cakeophany competition has kindly sent me a leaflet giving a brief outline of those services and how to access them. Not quite as good as having somebody to throw thoughts at but certainly helpful. Perhaps we will hold another evening with a Macmillan Nurse or somebody similar in the future. I have added a pdf version to the site that you can access from our Downloads page

We had representatives from the Liss Men's Shed - thanks for coming guys, and much interest was shown in the Shed's facilities - shame that we have had to impose a waiting list but all silver linings have to have a cloud somewhere on the horizon I guess.

Although it was not a fund-raising event as such, Macmillan did provide a bucket and attendees kindly left us with £90.65 to forward to the charity. Many thanks for your generosity.

Once again thanks to everybody concerned with the organisation of the event, theatre staff, bar staff and Shed members for making sure that it was a clean and respectable tour and most of all thanks to Peter and Michael for all of your efforts.

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