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Haynes Motor Museum


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All 16 of us.

Link to Haynes Motor Museum website

We met at the Great Barn at 09:00, well most of us anyway, somebody (no names mentioned Mike) had to be late, so we were on our way in our Community First supplied minibus by 09:15. After a very smooth trip including a nice little detour due to missing a turn on the A34, we arrived at about 11:15. I must admit, I think that we were all slightly surprised by what awaited us. Coffee, much appreciated after the journey, we were given a guided tour of the museum, very nice for some of the history involved, then off for a hot lunch.

After lunch time to wander around the exhibits. I am not sure how it affected anybody else but some of the exhibits sent me right back to my childhood sitting on the back of Dad's AJS, my first motorbike, the car that I learned to drive in, my first car - ooh I feel quite nostalgic. The exhibits were in a fantastic condition, when our guide was asked how they moved the cars around we were told that they were pushed - at the time we were standing in front of a dirty great old Rolls Royce that he reckoned probably took 6 people to undertake the task.

Then home - traffic was extremely slow on the A303 due to a breakdown and then the M3 was clogged solid so everything went off through Twyford so that was extremely slow but we got home at about 18:30.

I have added a few of the photographs that I took but if members have others that they think might be of interest please let me have a copy and I shall add them. Many thanks to Tony for all of his effort in organising a very enjoyable and interesting day out and also to Jim of Community First for an exceptionally smooth ride.

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