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Macmillan Coffee morning or a Cakecophony of cakes


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Nearly ready for the off.

Last year we raised £409 for the worthy cause and to be honest the rehearsal room got a bit crowded so this year we upgraded the venue to the Great Barn. Wow! What a great decision that was.

After the challenge that we issued for our members to bake their OWN cakes we had expected 5 or 6 brave souls to attempt the challenge - instead we had 15 entries, that's 25% of our members - What a great effort guys and thank you all so much for all of the effort that made for such a successful event.

First of all Chris H had his 5 minutes of fame being interviewed on Radio Solent.

Heidi Ford from Asda came along to help with great items for sale - coffee, tea, scones (both fruit and plain) clotted cream and strawberry jam, she certainly earned our thanks for her help behind the sales table.

Everything was prepared and ready for the off by 10:30 although the Mayoress's car was spotted crawling up the driveway to the barn a little on the early side, she obviously couldn't wait to taste our efforts. Unfortunately she had to leave before Sandie had arrived to judge the cakes and we couldn't cut into them before the judging, but she certainly seemed to enjoy herself. As the morning went on more and more people arrived and even the Barn seemed to get quite crowded - perhaps we will need to find an even bigger venue for next year.

Sandie Hall, the local area organiser for Macmillan, had agreed to be our judge but because we had so many cakes her face went a funny colour when she thought that she was going to have to taste every one of them, so we let her off with doing a visual inspection only. That meant that she didn't need the Burpham and Belcher's indigestion mix, so we still have that left. (Thank's to the Co-Operative Funeral Service in Fareham for the bottle - nobody seems to have those lovely glass bottles that used to be in the apothecary's shops when we were kids anymore - shame). One surprise that Sandie sprung, was that she had never been given flowers for something like this before, so thank you Sarah of Moonstones Florist for the lovely bouquet, you made somebody else's day on Friday.

Because we had not cut into the cakes the decision was made to raffle them which went down extremely well and added to an already nicely increased income over last year.

Now for the important part


Norman HartIrish Tea Cake (not too sure what was Irish about it but it certainly looked good)
Tony MillisChocolate cake (with individual chocolate orange segments (Oooh those calories))
Tony ReaCoffee and Walnut (trouble is the walnuts get stuck under my plate)

For the final accolade we have raised a total of £900.00
We must thank the following people and organisations that gave very kind donations for the raffle:

Asda Sainsburys Titchfield Co-Op Moonstones Florist Swanmore Golf Centre
Titchfield Moviola Queen of Feet Mick Foster Dave Jarman Colin Babb
Eric Colins Dave (Thommo) Thompson Colin Mansbridge Chris Hodgson Chris Nixon

And of course to Adam and Kevin for the use of The Great Barn without whose agreement none of this would have been possible.

And lastly, just to prove that we really can't exist without the fairer sex, thanks must go to the following ladies who took their places behind the serving table and worked their socks off.

Pauline Parker Mary Jarman Sue Hellyer-Kinch Heidi Ford

Author: Chris Nixon

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