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Wallington Fair


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The stall.

We attended the Wallington Fair for the second time on 06-07-2019. A very successful day out again, much interest was once again shown by the public.

A few days ago a very dilapidated trailer arrived outside the Theatre, a small group ripped it apart as all of the wooden parts had rotted away, and re-built it. What a godsend, it made transportation so easy.

We made a nice profit from the sale of the handicrafts and car boot items (I didn't know that there was such a market for imperial size spanners). Splat the Rat was again extremely popular and I actually saw a young lady splat the creature - I always thought that it was impossible but Evie proved me wrong - and the wine or whine made a packet - I think that many punters were just as pleased to win the water as the wine because of the temperature.

It was nice to see the Play your Cards Right board that we made for 1Community on display - only problem was that they caught me to play and I obviously lost.

All in all an great day out - see you next year.

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