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The Belles of the hall


Ladies of the W.I.

Stubbington Belles Women's Institute asked us to give them a short presentation on what the Shed actually did. Rod and Chris N managed to get lumbered for it and it was quite a daunting experience standing in front of 45 ladies and trying to explain that the closest analogy that we had found so far was that the Shed was the Men's equivalent of the W.I.

Standing in front of them all, knees acquiver, Chris made his pitch. The ladies seemed to enjoy the talk and slide show (run using a Raspberry Pi, what a clever little box of tricks that is), no eggs or rotten fruit was thrown and all-in-all it was an extremely edifying if somewhat trepaditious experience. We left the chairwoman with one of Oliver's football rattles as they did seem to take an effort to control at times and when it was swung everything suddenly went quiet

Thank you ladies for your attention and I hope that the talk was of use to you - the cake was delicious.

A response from the Belles

"Thank you for making your debut ‘performance’ with a WI audience, to us at Stubbington Belles WI. It was a real fun session and our ladies thoroughly enjoyed your visit. You had prepared a great presentation for us. Many were surprised at the breadth of your activities and you gave an insightful and yet humorous account of what the gentlemen get up to in The Fareham Men’s Shed.

We were fascinated with the products you make and delighted to receive the ‘claker’ to gain our ladies’ attention after tea time! Your enthusiasm for your Shed and also Titchfield Festival Theatre was clear as you spoke with warmth and detail about them. The activities that you participate in for charities were impressive and very interesting. We will be inspired!

We wish you all continued success for the future".

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