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Suella's Senior Citizen's Fair


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Suella's Senior Citizen's Fair picture of stand.

Our local MP, Suella Braverman, held her annual Senior Citizens Fair at the Genesis Centre in Locks Heath Centre on 17-05-2019. We attended along with numerous other organisations that concern themselves with the health and wellbeing of us older residents. Previous years have seen it held at Ferneham Hall and the College. The venue this year was somewhat smaller but very well attended. Chris H., Chris N., Milton, Rod and Gordon manned the stand. Unfortunately the room wasn't big enough to get a good picture and I can't afford a wide angle lens at the moment but really Gordon it wasn't that scary.

For the first time we took the 3D printer which drew a great deal of attention, so much so in fact, that it will have to become a permanent feature at show like this where we can have power available. Unfortunately Rocky took a slight tumble and broke his leg but after a quick visit to the glue gun he was as good as new.

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