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Stubbington Fayre.

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The pitch
The pitch.

Stubbington Fayre really was a raving success, ideal weather, great turn-out of members and very profitable for the Shed. The rat got well and truly splatted and compliments flowed fairly freely about the friendliness of the members and the quality and value of the hand made products that we had available. Orders were taken for the bug houses and various other items.

Thanks to Oliver, Shedric's long lost cousin was discovered in the undergrowth at the back of the Theatre. He is making a brief visit and was hoping to find a forever home in this country (his paperwork is in order) by showing himself off at Stubbington Fayre this year. Unfortunately he has since returned to his shelter in the Theatre but he is still hoping. Alan P also created some wonderful wooden light pulls for sale. They are pictured here along with a few other bits and bobs.

Maybe a double pitch next year, who knows.

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