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At last, a real use for all of those old toolboxes that we keep seeing. I wonder how many fingers and thumbs got trapped in the making of this video?
It really is worth a watch.

Do they have Men's Sheds in Germany and does anybody fancy starting up our own drum corps?


We recently received correspondence from the UK Men's Shed Association to the following effect:

Our membership currently entitles us to a 49% discount on hand tools and a 29% discount on power tools from Triton Tools - We will need to set up a Shed account with them before this can be used, once we have done this then members will be able to order through us.

10% off of all items through Lumberjack Tools (same system as Triton Tools).


5% off all orders in excess of £200 with Shedstore. Just use the discount code of MENSSHEDS.

The Makery

A library service for technical enthusiasts and amateurs. Things like 3D printers, use of iMacs, Raspberry Pis (not sure if that should be hyphenated or not). For the plonker that writes this website it's just too good to miss (I am already half way through my first 3D design for the window frame for a dolls house).

iPad loan scheme

The library is starting a scheme to give six hours of training in the use of an iPad and the loan of an iPad for 4 weeks at zero cost.

They are also offering the chance for organisations like the Men's Shed to run training courses on their sites. To be honest, it's an offer that we can't sensibly refuse and so will be trying to set something up early in the New Year when our new super duper Shed will be in full swing. Can't give any further details at the moment but we will make it known to everybody as and when we can arrange it.

One for all of you gardeners

Fareham Gardening Service

A service laid on by Community Action Fareham to help older and disabled people with a mowing and hoeing service, with a small financial incentive to the gardener.

Details are available here
163 West Street, Fareham, PO16 0EF
01329 231899
by email to gardening@farehamaction.org.uk

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