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2017 AGM Minutes

Minutes of the 1st Annual General Meeting of Fareham Men’s Shed (FMS)

Held on 7th February 2017 at the Titchfield Festival Theatre(TFT)

    • Malcolm McInnes, Rodney E Parker, Milton A Hewins, Christopher J Hodgson, Ben Bennett, Keith Curtis, Neville J Wheeler, Michael J Foster, Robert J McFarland, Richard Bunce, David Thompson, Geoff Colverson, Dave Jarman, Peter A Raven, Chris Nixon, William J Hellyer-Kinch, Gordon M Henniker, John Codling, John K Wathen, David F Philips, Raymond J Hale (Part time) & Kimberlain Brindley

    • Apologies received from: Alan A Pearton, Mike Martin, James A Crane, Steven E Nash

    • Guests Attended: Jack Langford, Jennie Romicheva, Chris Lane, Julian Shaw, Mira Howard & Kevin Fraser (Part Time)

    • The meeting was opened by Malcolm McInnes who welcomed all those present.
      He reported that FMS was set up to support men of retirement age to make friends, share interests, learn new skills or simply turn up and socialise and chat over a cup of tea.
      He then stressed the importance of having a robust and appropriate H&S policy in place which is to be followed at all times. He advised that all members will be trained before using workshop equipment, briefed on fire regulations and the importance of signing in and out of the premises when attending.
      Malcolm then reported the achievements and highlights since the inception of the FMS namely:
    • Membership now at 29 with good weekly attendances, the setting up of a well equipped workshop, construction of our rules and constitution, opening of our own bank account and an agreed and signed licence from TFT for occupation for a period of 24 months.
    • On publicity, he reported the visit of the local MP Suella Fernandes who spent approximately 2 hours visiting FMS at the Titchfield Festival Theatre. He also talked about FMS attendance at many charitable events to gain public awareness to recruit new members.
    • In his conclusion he thanked the retiring committee and members for their enthusiasm, dedication, willingness and hard work during this period. He also pointed out the achievements so far were due to their efforts and support from the membership.
    • Malcolm thanked Community Action Fareham for all their guidance and support, Titchfield Festival Theatre for the accommodation and signed licence, Mears group and members of the general public for donations of Tools and equipment.
    • On the future, the retiring Chairman commented on the need for more space, more subjects of interest, obtaining independent charitable status, 5 days opening for members, fund raising and monetary support from local business and county councils.
    • The report was adopted.

    • Jenny Romicheva representing CAF, reported that since carrying out a survey across the borough in 2016, there was a great deal of interest shown to form a Men’s Shed in the borough of Fareham. After a follow up meeting at the TFT which was attended by 30 people, a committee was formed and TFT was confirmed as the base for FMS. Jenny stated that it was good to see the excellent progress made so far by the members which clearly showed the need for forming the FMS. She also stated that CAF was happy to continue to provide support and advice to the organisation.

  4. KEVIN FRASER'S (Titchfield Festival Theatre) REPORT:
    • Kevin reported that since June ’16 there had been a considerable amount of alterations made within the theatre. He apologised for the disruption from the building work but stated good progress had been made. Although the work was started 6 months later than planned, everything is being done to meet targets due to performances starting soon and future productions dates now in place. He thanked FMS members for their hands on help, accepting deliveries and receiving the post. Kevin mentioned he is aware of the request made by FMS for additional space and stated that a re-shuffling exercise will take place within the next 6 months which should free up more space. He also indicated that additional parking on either side of the theatre ‘could’ be available but is subject to successful negotiations with the land owners.
      Kevin concluded that he was happy to have FMS on board and sees the organisation as a valuable partnership.

    • Chris Hodgson produced a detailed accounts sheet (see below) which was circulated to all members present. He went on to explain the entries on the sheet and reported that currently there were no planned major expenses. However going forward there were many items of expenses to be considered such as ongoing rent, insurance, increased rent for extra workshop space, upgrade of workshop, purchase of a PAT tester and defibrillator and printing costs. Chris went on say that our aim was to breakaway from CAF and obtain charitable status as this would increase our chances of obtaining grants from local business and councils. Chris informed the meeting that there are two planned events in February and March and FMS planned to attend to recruit new members. He concluded by thanking the membership for their support and said he was looking forward to the coming year and was happy to answer any questions.
    • There was one question from the floor, asking if the rent included the cost of electricity. Chris replied that it was included.
    • The report was adopted.

    Fareham Men's Shed Accounts 09 May 2016 - 31st December 2016

    Income Amount Expenditure Amount
    Membership fees £282.50 Stationary £20.98
    Tea & Coffee donations £270.40 Meeting costs £58.47
    Donations for help £65.43 PVC Banner £40.80
    Sale of 2 ladders £70.00 Gazebo £50.00
    Sale of 4 G clamps £68.00 First aid kit, gloves & Torch £62.34
    Sale of lathe £50.00 Electrical sockets, adhesive & padlock £44.99
    Sale of small grinder & lathe tools £15.00 Wood & fixings £46.32
    Sale of pug mill £321.11 A board, pin board & filing cabinet £25.00
    Sale of tools on e-Bay £36.90 Fire extinguisher £5.00
    Sale of garden vac less e-Bay charges £11.49 Rubber mats from e-Bay £12.50
    Sale of V-block £5.00 Wire wheels, WD40 £14.76
    Sale of scrap metal £100.00 Printed balloons £19.99
      Maintenance items £18.06
      Batteries & electrical spares £8.47
      Emulsion & rollers for roof project £19.94
      Dust extractor adaptors £16.31
      Fuses £2.49
      Money in the bank £765.50
      Money held by Treasurer £63.41
      Money held by CAF £27.50
    TOTAL INCOME £1,295.83 TOTAL £1,295.83
      BALANCE at 31/12/2016 - £829.41

    • The following rules were put forward to the meeting for changing - Changes in italics

    • Rule 3.2: Change FMS1 to FMS. Proposed by C. Nixon, seconded by M. McInnes -Change carried -No objections

    • Rule 3.6: (Additional wording)-All members are invited to confirm/update personal details (or when personal details change) and renew their subscriptions during January, when renewal forms will be available. Proposed by P. Raven seconded by R. McFarland -Change carried -No objections

    • Rule 4.3: (Additional wording) -The membership annual subscription will be recommended by the committee for the following year and will be ratified by majority vote at the AGM. Proposed by N. Wheeler seconded by R. McFarland -Change carried -No objections

    • Rule 4.4: The current rule stated- New/returning members joining between February 1st and December 31st shall require to pay £2.50 per remaining months of the year.
      The Change proposed -New/returning members joining between February 1st and December 31st shall require to pay £25.00 at any time of the year.
    • Proposed by R McFarland seconded by G. Colverson - Change rejected -Votes were 6 For 16 Against

    • A proposal was made not to change the current rule-Proposed by G Henniker seconded by D. Phillips

    • A counter proposal was then made by C. Nixon to have two joining points in the year 1st January and 1st July.
      Therefore, Rule 4.4 changed to - New/returning members joining on 1st of January shall require to pay £25.00.New members joining on or after the 1st of July shall require to pay £12.50.
      Proposed by C. Hodgson seconded by R. Bunce - Change carried – Votes were 16 For 6 Against.

    • Following the discussions on the above changes G. Henniker commented that rule 3.1 could be challenged as it stated that ‘FMS is open to all interested persons over the age of 55.’ indicating that women could also apply for membership.

  7. ELECTION OF OFFICERS: - Below are the results of the election

  8. Position Nomination Proposer Seconder Votes/Result
    Chairman Peter Raven Malcolm McInnes Rod Parker 22/Elected
    Vice Chairman Kim Brindley Rod Parker Chris Hodgson 22/Elected
    Secretary Milton Hewins Rod Parker Raymond Hale 22/Elected
    Treasurer Chris Hodgson Rod Parker Kim Brindley 22/Elected
    Membership Secretary Neville Wheeler Bob McFarland Rod Parker 22/Elected
    Social Secretary Tony Crane Bob McFarland Chris Hodgson 22/Elected
    Health & Safety John Wathen     22/Elected
    Craft Centre Officer Bob McFarland Ben Bennett Rod Parker 22/Elected
    Deputy Craft Centre Officer Rod Parker Bob McFarland Chris Nixon 22/Elected
    IT Officer Chris Nixon Bob McFarland Mike Foster 22/Elected
    Sales Officer Richard Bunce Milton Hewins Rod Parker 22/Elected

    The new Chairman Peter Raven closed the meeting by thanking officers who were standing down and also thanked those who were standing again.