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shed extension

We are now getting close to the end of the expansion plans.

Rod Parker has done a sterling job in organising the members for the build and decorating and has effectively worked himself out of a job in an extremely short time. Thanks for that Rod.

Thommo has made a fantastic job of fitting the double fire doors, they look really smart. We now have all of the electrics including some dirty great armoured cable that has been run through part of the theatre, the lights are up, the ring main is wired up, all we are waiting for now is the qualified electrician to check and sign the installation off.

Now that the actual construction work has been completed we need to think about the internals. A 1 to 50 plan of the Shed has been created and copies can be collected from Chris Nixon, we shall try and find somewhere to leave a few so that you can pick them up when you want. We need to get a list of equipment that needs to be accommodated plus their physical sizes for members to try their hand at laying the workshop out.

And finally - We shall need to think about some form of great opening ceremony - any ideas?

Date and Time Location Contact
February 6th 2018
Titchfield Festival Theatre - Main theatre
April 13th 2018
Martock nr Yeovil, leave from TFT
Tony Crane

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Shed Extension (16 images)
The pictures show a few of the important stages in the progress and just to add a bit more spice a video of part of the ceiling going up can be viewed on You Tube. We now have water flowing (controllably) into and out of the new kitchen area along with a sink and the necessary acoutrements. Thanks to Rod for the saving the sink and taps from the skip, Adam from TFT for donating the worktops and above all to Bob and Chris Hodgson for all of their efforts. With a bit of luck we will have the electrical supply connected and certified early in the New Year. Thanks to Ern Bowles and Geoff Culverson for feeding the armoured cable through, that must have been one hell of a wrestling match.

Titchfield Theatre theatre organ (20 images)

Titchfield Theatre has acquired one of these marvellous instruments, at the moment it's in bits and stored but we have now started re-building it under very careful supervision (ho, ho). A visit was arranged to the Gosport Theatre Organ at Thorngate Hall to see what might be involved.
Hopefully at some time soon it will sound like this (link to a YouTube video)

Tomo's Ark (2 images)

He keeps on about his ark for the RSPCA, but I still can't work out how he's going to get the animals in. - Apparently it will be a collection box for the Ark at Stubbington so maybe the coins will go in two by two. He's enjoying himself but Bob looks a bit worried in picture 2.

Stubbington Ark (4 images)

We've done the ferret cages, it was debatable whether they were going tolet Chris out, but it was felt that he was more useful as a treasurer. At the moment we are waiting to sort out the H&S implications and for the Spring befgore we get on with anything else.

Redlands School (3 images)

Once the financing for the materials has been arranged we shall be building a play area for the children of Redlands School.