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Last updated 12-03-2018


And here is the agreed layout. Click image to enlarge Finally the layout for the Shed has been agreed after discussion between quite a few members so hopefully we will soon be able to start using it in anger. For a potted pictorial history of what has been going on checkout the pictures here.

Thomo and a few others are fitting the sliding door, Bob, Neville, Peter K. Ern, Geoff and Chris N. spent a day hanging a new network cable from the rafters to give us a more stable Internet connection (just waiting for the Theatre IT gurus to terminate their end now).

Chris H, Peter R and Colin have been busy filling in the 38 page documentation that should (if they have got it all correct) enable us to become a stand-alone registered charity.

Believe me it's all been happening in the Shed. Mondays seem to be becoming as popular as Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Not too sure how long it will stay like this because we are hoping to take delivery of a metalworking lathe and mill unit in the near future. So it might yet be "all change".

Asda Foundation logo

We have received confirmation from Asda that the Token Scheme for the period January to March has now started and we are one of the good causes.

Can you all please spread the word around to family and friends, it could be worth £500 to us! So it is important that you ask for your token when shopping in ANY Asda store and as long as you put it in our slot in the Newgate Lane store they will all count.

Hampshire County Council's gift

On 1st December County Councillor Fred Birkett kindly drew our Grand Christmas Draw in Fareham Precinct More details of the prizes are available here. Many thanks to him for his time and also for arranging a grant from Hampshire County Council that enabled us to purchase a table saw and some dust extractors (stationary vacuum cleaners to suck the dust away from the machines) that we needed to finish building the Shed extension, to Hayley at One Community for her help in arranging the use of the Precinct and to the Precinct management team for granting permission.

Single use bags have an unexpected spin-off.

Many thanks to the Park Gate Co-Op - On Saturday 25th November there was an excellent turnout of members to receive a big cheque for


Once again THANK YOU and let us hope that everybody involved in any way at all has an extremely happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year

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